About Us

Connemara Programme LTD is a private limited company based in Clifden, Connemara. It is a locally managed and self-funded organisation.

The purpose of the Programme, launched in 2012, is to assist Connemara and other areas in Ireland and Europe to position and benefit from a locally driven economic and social recovery.

The Programme markets the areas using its products and services locally, nationally and globally in order to increase visibility on local businesses, products and services.

All Connemara Programme products and services are provided free to any community group or non-profit organisation based in a deployed area.

Use of the Connemara Programme products and services is free to individual end users.

Connemara Programme
14 Canons Lane, Clifden, Connemara, Co Galway, Republic of Ireland.
Telephone: +353 (0) 877 105927
Email: columjoyce@connemaraprogramme.com
Web: www.connemaraprogramme.com